University of Bradford handed £300k to boost prospects of BAME graduates

Photo Credit - UoB

The University of Bradford has won nearly £300,000 to lead a project to boost the job prospects of BAME graduates in the city.

Leading a partnership of thirteen other key city organisations, the university will carry out a three-year project to tackle the underemployment and unemployment of BAME graduates in Bradford and the challenges faced by particular sectors of Bradford’s labour market in recruitment, skills gaps and diversity.

The funding, from the Office for Students, adds to resources committed by the partners, bringing the total value of the project to over £650,000.

Many BAME graduates from the University remain in the Bradford metropolitan district area, despite opportunities elsewhere, but analysis indicates that they are under-represented in highly-skilled employment in the identified priority areas of health and social care, engineering and manufacturing, and public services.

Professor Shirley Congdon, Vice-Chancellor Elect of the University of Bradford, said: “We have a very strong track record in supporting the employability of our graduates, with 94% being in employment or further education within six months of graduation, and 85% of those in employment being employed in professional and managerial level roles. However, we have to make sure that we identify any issues that lead to graduates not fulfilling their potential and Bradford employers not accessing the skills available.

“We know that job growth in Bradford over the next decade will be fastest in the health, care, engineering and manufacturing, and a number of public sectors e.g. education, police. It is vital that as a city we are able to deliver this growth using the undoubted pool of talent graduating each year from the University, to realise the successful, thriving, vibrant and prosperous city that we are all committed to.”

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