Seasonal packages also available. Please contact us for offers. 

    Single Spot Rates

    Sunrise Radio - Day / Evening 0700 - 2300  £25.00+Vat
    Sunrise Radio Gold - Day / Evening 0700 - 2300  £8.00+Vat

    Package Rates

    Airtime Packages are often a more economic way to buy spots on the radio. Package deals available if campaign on Sunrise Radio and Sunrise Radio Gold are booked.

    General Local Advertising Packages - Sunrise Radio

    4 spots per day evenly rotated between 0700-2300.
    Prices relate to 30 seconds duration. All prices are exclusive of VAT.
    Duration  2days  7days  14days  21days  28days+
    No. of Spots*  10  28  56  84  112
    Package Cost  £300  £800  £1120  £1440  £1750
    *These packages apply only with prepayment and the continuity of the campaign can not be 
    broken. Failure to do so will attract the normal spot rate.

    International Programming



    There are currently no opportunities available to advertise within our international programming slots. 

    Spot Duration

    Rates quoted are for 30 second duration.
    Other spot lengths are available and their costs in relation to the 30 second rate:
    *60 seconds + 80%                                 Commercials longer than 60 seconds 
    *50 seconds + 65%                                 will be pro-rata to the 60 second rate.
    *40 seconds + 30%  
    *10 seconds - 50%  
    Spot Fixing  
    Subject to availability, spots may be fixed in any time segment on payment of a fixing fee. Spots may be fixed in any 3 hour segment at a charge of £25% of total airtime cost. Spots fixed in any 2 hour segment will be charged at 50% of total airtime cost.
    Spot Placement  
    All spots will be evenly rotated within the time segments booked and across the week (Monday to Sunday).
    Commercial Production  
    Basic commercial (Script, single voice, library music bed, production)
    Single Commercial: £125+Vat
    Package of 5 (ideal for annual campaigns / seasonal offers): £375+Vat

    Sunrise Radio employs the most creative and professional production team who would bring out the best in your product.

    The script, story line and the voice overs are the copyright of Sunrise Radio  and are for its exclusive use only. Its use on any other radio stations, video's or films etc. is strictly forbidden.

    *We have a policy to enforce the above rules.
    Composed Custom Jingle P.O.A (£199-£1500)

    Sunrise Radio  has its very own creative production team, dedicated to creating the very best Radio Commercials for you in English and in the main Asian Languages. We have fully equipped recording studios with the latest technology in the Radio Industry, a comprehensive music and sound effects library and creative writers and producers who will create the commercials that are right for your business.


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    Digital Marketing Options - Sunrise Radio - Discounts available if booked with a radio campaign

    Pre-Roll Player Audio & Video:

    Web Banner: 

    Social Media Post:

    Solus Email:

    Online Business Directory:

    Full Featured Listing:  ONLY £65 + VAT for One Year



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