Police issue warning over ‘paedophile hunters’

Photo Credit - WYP

West Yorkshire Police has issued a warning against so-called paedophile hunters after arresting five people for false imprisonment.

The arrests were made in relation to alleged offences in the Wakefield area on 11 August 2018 and Leeds on 13 January 2019, in which members of the public were allegedly detained.

Three men and two women were arrested on suspicion of offences including assault, public order offences and false imprisonment. They have since all been released on bail.

The force said in a statement: “Protecting children from abuse is a top priority for West Yorkshire Police and we would encourage members of the public to report any concerns about illegal internet activity of potential child abusers to us so that we can deal with it.

“We are also concerned about the activities of online child abuse activist groups and their exposure activity in confronting persons they have identified.”

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