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David Zielinski, 24, denies being key figure in slavery plot

Photo Credit - Google Images

A Jury at Bradford Crown Court has been told that a ruthless criminal gang trafficked people to Bradford and forced them into slavery.

David Zielinski, 24, formerly of Bradford, was alleged to be a key figure in a plot to exploit the poor and vulnerable in Poland by selling them the dream of a better life and forcing them to work in poor conditions while siphoning off their earnings.


Prosecutor Chris Smith told the court: “This is a case about a group of criminals exploiting deep-seated human needs and the needs of other people harboured to travel to and work in this country. Vulnerable people who were sold a dream but who found themselves living in a nightmare have been trafficked into this country and forced to live and work in very poor conditions whilst the money they earned was siphoned off by a greedy and ruthless gang.”

Mr Jakub, 40, and his partner Izabella Oginska were brought to Thornbury, Bradford, from Poland after being promised a better life.


Officers were told that he and his partner were taken to a house near a petrol station and a Lidl in the “Leeds Road area” of Bradford.

Zielinski, now living in Enfield, London, denies four offences under the Modern Slavery Act, involving the arrangement or facilitation of people to the UK to exploit them.

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