Newsroom Special - Story Makers festival on 8 June

Newsroom Specials

Friday, June 7th, 2019 - 18 minutes

“Story Rebels: A new type of hero” is a children’s festival bringing together story makers from across the region: young people, parents, grandparents, educators, artists, mental health experts, museums, drama, theatre artists and authors. The festival will have a range of participatory arts workshops for all as well as discussions for practitioners to reflect on the best ways in which to incorporate creativity and storying into their work. It will also bring the community together to explore the potential of stories to develop our capacity for kindness, empathy and compassion.

The festival takes place at Leeds Beckett University on Saturday 8 June.

It is also the launch of the first Story Makers Press book, 'The Nightmare Catcher.' The press uses drama and storytelling with children in order to get them to explore different narratives, which are then transformed into engaging fiction books. For the next book the press is co-creating a South Asian Fairy Story with Year 5 girls from Girlington Primary and a local female author in Bradford.

We spoke to Lisa Stephenson from Story Makers along with Ollie and Seamus from Beeston Primary, and Muniba and Anisa from Girlington Primary.