Newsroom Special - 'Risk-avoidant' British kids facing failure fears

Newsroom Specials

Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 - 5 minutes

New research released by Robinsons Fruit Shoot will show that over half (57%) of children aged 4 -12 years have a fear of failure. As a result, this fear is causing children to actively avoid (65%) or quit (62%) activities that they think they’re not good at, with 43% worrying about what friends or family will think of them.

Sadly, 80% of children in the UK already worry about ‘not being good enough’ before they’ve even reached their teenage years. With the increasing academic pressure young people face at school, the same number (80%) worry about failing tests or competitions.

To discuss the research further and to share her advice on how to get kids to fail fearlessly, we were joined by child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer.