Newsroom Special - Do you know who has your card details?

Newsroom Specials

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 - 4 minutes

Consumers are being urged to register their mobile numbers with their bank or building society as research finds more than two-fifths (42%) have forgotten where their card details are stored and nearly a quarter (24%) have fallen victim of personal data theft.

The research from Nationwide Building Society shows the average Brit makes online purchases at least once a week and highlights the struggle British consumers are having keeping up with the sheer volume of online sites they’ve entered their card details into, leaving them exposed to potential fraud.

New industry-wide regulations come into play in September, to make online shopping far more secure for consumers, who are being urged to ensure they aren’t caught out by the changes.

To tell us more we were joined by Jag Bassi, Head of Digital Propositions at Nationwide Building Society.