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Newsroom Special - Brits would rather take phone on holiday than family member

Newsroom Specials

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 - 5 minutes

There is no denying that advances in technology are simplifying all areas of modern-day life. From making it easier to keep in contact with friends and family, keeping on track with your new diet and even learning new languages, but are we becoming too dependent on technology and potentially missing out on what’s right in front of us? New research has found that even when we’re on our holidays we cannot bear to part with our phones.

The research, by Jules Verne, found that when Brits were asked what they would usually do first when arriving on holiday, nearly half (47%) of 18–24 year old’s stated they would check in on social media - perhaps not that surprising, but they’re not the only age category that can’t seem to take a holiday from technology.

So, are we missing out on a true local experience and all a holiday really has to offer by relying on technology?

To tell us more about the research we were joined by Jules Verne travel expert Francis Torrilla.