Newsroom Special - Brits in need of a workplace revolution?

Newsroom Specials

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 - 9 minutes

The nation’s workers are screaming out for a workplace revolution, feeling increasingly chained to their work hours.

New research suggests many British employees are feeling disillusioned at work as well over half (57%) of employees regularly working longer than their contracted hours, with a quarter (25%) too scared to approach their boss about
flexible working. In fact, 62% would consider a change of jobs instead.

As a result, the research by job site Indeed, shows two fifths (41%) cite improving mental health as the top reason for wanting to have the option of working flexible hours, suggesting there is more than just ‘time’ at stake.

To tell us more about the research, and to share her advice on how to approach those difficult discussions in the workplace, we were joined by TV psychologist Emma Kenny.