Tony Bellew broke his hand in David Haye victory

Tony Bellew says he broke his hand early in Saturday night's heavyweight victory over David Haye in London.

Haye suffered an Achilles injury in the sixth round and was knocked down in the 11th to give the 34-year-old Liverpudlian a surprise win.

Bellew said "I broke my right hand in the second or third round. It is sore now but I don't feel the pain and all I think about is winning."

Official have said “Bellew, who described his injured hand as being 'the size of a small bowling ball', says he now wants time to reassess his options. We will sit down and I need a few days to take on board what I have done because it doesn't feel real at the minute.”

Speaking after the fight, Bellew said he had feared for Haye's safety during the session and asked the heavyweight and his corner to end the fight at the O2 Arena before he scored the stoppage.

The Londoner, 36, was taken to hospital in London for treatment to his Achilles after the bout and was released on Sunday morning.

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