Indian doctors scrutinise the benefits of Delhi oxygen bars

Doctors in India have criticised oxygen bars that have opened in Delhi in response to the severely high levels of pollutants in the air.

Speaking on the supposed benefits of using the bar, the owner claimed the oxygen “detoxifies the body and reduces the impact of pollution and all the carbon you’re inhaling,” as well as energising the body and helping the user feel more relaxed.

However, doctors have since refuted these claims, explaining that the benefits the oxygen has on the body cannot be accurately measured, and is only effective while they are receiving oxygen.

Detailing the supposed benefits oxygen bars give their users, Ashish Jain, a doctor from Delhi, said: “Such oxygen bars have become fashionable, but it’s difficult to say how effective they are.

“Our problem is the low quality of air, and not low oxygen levels, so supplementing oxygen is not going to help.

“You go to oxy bars from between 15 minutes to an hour – the oxygen taken during this duration will only work while you’re there. Once you step out, it’s not effective, there is no scientific study to examine their benefits.”

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