Row erupts over Rahul Gandhi citizenship

The leader of India’s main opposition party has been embroiled in a row over his citizenship as the country’s general election continues.

Rahul Gandhi, head of the Congress party, has been accused by Subramanian Swamy, a lawmaker from the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), of allegedly claiming to be a British citizen in the past.

The Indian Home Ministry has asked Mr Gandhi to respond to the complaint.

In his complaint, Mr Swamy reportedly cited paperwork of a company registered in the UK, according to the official notice issued to Mr Gandhi.

He alleged that Mr Gandhi had declared himself a British citizen in company documents that were filed in 2005-06.

Mr Swamy made the same allegation and citied the same documents in 2015 - this led to a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court demanding an official inquiry but the court dismissed the petition.

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