Narendra Modi and Donald Trump working to secure new trade deal

India are working against the clock in a bid to regain trading favour with United States president Donald Trump.

The two nations are working to ongoing trade disputes before President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi meet later this month at a U.N. General Assembly session.

The negotiations come after Trump acted in June, revoking special trade India’s privileges after criticising their high tariffs.

America are now are seeking increased access to the Indian agricultural market, among other perks, while India wants its trade privileges restored.

Speaking on the potential of a deal, president of the National Foreign Trade Council, Rufus Yerxa said: “For their own reasons, each side wants to get something done. Whether they can actually do it is another matter.”

Speaking at the 44th G7 summit in August, Prime Minister Modi said: “Together, we are working in the area of trade. We are making efforts to take this forward.”

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