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Caught Indian pilot ‘fired into the air’

More details have emerged of the dramatic capture of an Indian Air Force pilot in Pakistan.

The BBC reports eye witness accounts, which claim villagers ran to the crash site after witnessing Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s jet being hit.

A village chief said he saw an Indian flag on the man’s parachute as he came in to land and when the man discovered he was in Pakistani territory fired a gun in the air to scare the locals from approaching.

He was eventually caught, though the eye witness alleges one of his nephews was shot in the struggle.

Pakistan's information ministry released - and later deleted - a video showing the pilot blindfolded and with blood on his face. India described the images as a "vulgar display of an injured personnel".

In later footage, Abhinandan could be seen sipping tea. He appeared to have been cleaned up and said Pakistani officers were treating him well.

On Thursday US President Donald Trump became the latest world leader to appeal to the two countries to pursue peace. He said he had "reasonably decent" news from India and Pakistan, sparking hopes that tensions could de-escalate.

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