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Fast begin and end times

Please note the following times are according to the Bradford timetable


Date Fast Begins Fast Ends
Saturday 27th May 2.33am 9.26pm
Sunday 28th May 2.31am 9.27pm
Monday 29th May 2.29am 9.28pm
Tuesday 30th May 2.27am 9.30pm
Wednesday 31st May 2.25am 9.31pm
Thursday 1st June 2.27am 9.32pm
Friday 2nd June 2.24am 9.33pm
Saturday 3rd June 2.21am 9.34pm
Sunday 4th June 2.17am 9.35pm
Monday 5th June 2.15am 9.37pm
Tuesday 6th June 2.13am 9.38pm
Wednesday 7th June 2.12am 9.39pm
Thursday 8th June 2.09am 9.39pm
Friday 9th June 2.07am 9.40pm
Saturday 10th June 2.05am 9.41pm
Sunday 11th June 2.03am 9.42pm
Monday 12th June 2.01am 9.43pm
Tuesday 13th June 2.00am 9.44pm
Wednesday 14th June 1.58am 9.45pm
Thursday 15th June 1.56am 9.46pm
Friday 16th June 1.55am 9.46pm
Saturday 17th June 1.53am 9.46pm
Sunday 18th June 1.52am 9.47pm
Monday 19th June 1.52am 9.47pm
Tuesday 20th June 1.52am 9.47pm
Wednesday 21st June 1.52am 9.47pm
Thursday 22nd June 1.52am 9.47pm
Friday 23rd June 1.53am 9.47pm
Saturday 24th June 1.53am 9.47pm
Sunday 25th June 1.54am 9.47pm


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